About Us

Comfort, Durability, Versatility & Honest Pricing.

KACO was built out of our own frustration. Cheap shoes that fall apart after a few wears, or shoes that were incredibly overpriced? It didn’t seem right that we had to make these trade-offs. There had to be another option.

We started KACO to offer an alternative: ridiculously high quality footwear at honest prices that could handle our busy lives in New York City.

Commitment To Quality

Where other brands choose to cut corners, we invest. We select the best materials available for our footwear. From leather to laces, our products are thoughtfully designed and meticulously tested. The result: footwear that is as functional as it is fashionable.

World-Class Partners

We care deeply about how our products are made. That’s why we partner with world-renowned suppliers and highly skilled artisans to carefully handcraft our footwear. Only the highest ethical and quality standards are accepted. Our goal is to make products that we can proudly stand by, and that you can confidently stand in for years to come.

A Better Experience

The only thing we’re more passionate about than our products are the people who wear them. Whether you have a question, comment, or just want to tell us about your most recent #Kacomall adventure (our favorite), our team is always here for you! After all, buying footwear should be fun, not stressful.